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Live report of the fires: two life tests and two fire

During the demonstration all attendants had a possibility to watch on live on screenplay how the fire grows, the fire was set on purpose  in testing space arranged like room and kitchen. Only after two minutes  from the moment of fire set , fire was on the half of the couch, and dark smoke fullfed top part of the room. After smoke sensor which consisted of fire dumper and has reported that smoke is present on a staircase, ventilator providing fresh air in the lower part of staircase. After few minutes Fire Service has come on a place of the fire and started to  suppress the fire.

After door opening to the apartment with the fire on  from it interior black smoke. Ventilation installation located on a staircase didn’t managed to restrain the smoke. Fire gases outcoming from the apartment  where cached by the antismoke dumper. When the Fire Service has entered the room fire was already extinguished, despite the window was opened  fire has been finished because of the air deficiency (measurements taken during the test has shown  that the oxygen level decreased  lower 13%). Despite there was no fire  couch smoldered, and as a result toxically gas appear in room, with low temperature but with very high toxically influence.. Used in this building antismoke installation  with mechanical air insertion  perfectly remove the smoke from the staircase .

After Autogenous fire expire organizers has taken decision to set fire once again and simultanesly portion of fresh air was inserted to the room  from the staircase. Such a situation we can observe when someone who is on  hurry  leaving his apartment and he doesn’t close the door to the apartment . After short time the fire extend  for all apartment , and large quantity of the smoke flew to the staircase. Hight temperature in testing room caused cracking  and fall out of the window glass . At the moment when the fire was fully developed Fire Fighters has come and  stopped the fire just in a few minutes.