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iSWAY-FC® - compact unit for pressure differential systems

iSWAY-FC® - compact unit for pressure differential systems

iSAFETY WAY-FC® (iSWAY-FC®) compact pressurization unit
is a part of SMAY company offer as regards smoke and heat control systems. iSWAY-FC® can be applied to vertical escape routes such as staircases, fire-fighting lobbies and elevator shafts keeping them free of smoke and ensuring safe evacuation from the building in case of fire. Moreover application of iSWAY-FC® ensures obtaining normative pressure gradient and directed airflow between escape route and fire floor in wide range of buildings regardless of ambient conditions during the fire. Due to a simple structure iSWAY-FC® can be located almost anywhere in the building additionally active control system allows to monitor actual value of pressure difference and failure detection as well as to reduce total time required to perform acceptance and maintenance tests.


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay iSWAY data sheet 4 MB 25.05.2021 Open Download
iSWAY-FC/WFC/RFC Operation and Maintenance Manual 15 MB 05.11.2020 Open Download

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