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SCD smoke dampers

SCD smoke dampers


SCD smoke dampers are used in public buildings, warehouses, production facilities etc. They are designed for mounting onto flat roofs slanted at not more than 15°.

The main function of SCD soke dampers is extracting smoke and hot toxic gases occurring during fire in the under-ceiling space.

SCD smoke dampers by Smay Sp. z o. o. have openable covers filled with translucent material. Therefore, they additionally function as roof skylights.

The third function of SCDs, when appropriate tooling is used, is cyclic ventilation.

In each and every case smoke extraction is the priority function of SCD smoke dampers. SCDs make it possible to evacuate people and enable rescue services to undertake appropriate intervention by keeping the lower areas of a building, including escape routes, free of smoke. Smoke dampers reduce the thermal load of the building structure by reconducting the heat created during a fire, and thus reducing material injury caused by the fire.

Using SCD smoke dampers gives the possibility of lowering the building fire protection class, enlarge permissible fire zones and lengthen escape routes. SCD smoke dampers are classified according to PN-EN 12101-2 criteria, with regard to the following areas:

  • Reliability: double action, Re 1000,
  • Snow load: SL550 – SL1000 (depending on the drive size and type),
  • Low temperature: T(00) – T(-25) (depending on the drive size and type),
  • Wind load: WL 1500,
  • Resistance to high temperature: B 300.

Single leaf damper effective areas are presented in Table 10, and double leaf damper active areas – in Table 11 (the last pages of this document).

It is possible to make the dampers in the version meeting the requirements of the BROOF (t1) classification.

The properties specific to the skylight function are declared according to EN-1873:2014+A1:2016.


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Smay SCD data sheet (full) 7 MB 28.08.2018 Open Download

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