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An unassuming five-storey contemporary architecture office building that perfectly blends in with the surrounding development. Suitable even for most demanding tenants. It features a sales showroom on the ground floor, and illuminated, ventilated and air-conditioned office premises on the upper floors. Components of the fire and household ventilation system, provided with fire safety device power supplies and first-to-be-marketed complete sets of products for steel-duct smoke ventilation systems were supplied for the facility.
Power supply stability and control for fire safety equipment ZUBR series power supplies with frequency converters are suitable for both smoke exhaust and compensation air fans. They continuously monitor parameters of the supply grid and the feeding lines to the respective fire safety system components. After an irregularity is detected, a generic failure signal is sent and the corresponding LED lights up on the power supply housing. Single-compartment smoke ventilation ducts – SMAY DUCT SYSTEM (SDS) are responsible for smoke and heat ventilation at the facility. They work as an independent system or can be connected to a multi-compartment system. They ensure integrity through thermal elongation compensation under fire conditions.

Used systems

Used products