Orientarium ZOO Łódź Łódź

Orientarium ZOO Łódź


Orientarium in Łódź, opened in 2022 is the most modern pavilion for the fauna and flora of Southeast Asia. The complex is divided into a conference centre and a breeding and exhibition pavilion. It is home to 35 species of land animals and 180 species of fish.

SMAY ventilation products in the most modern ZOO in Europe

SMAY ventilation products and systems ensure safety not only for people, but also for animals. We provided ventilation solutions for the Orientarium in Łódź. An innovative facility was created in the Łódź ZOO, where animals can be viewed from three perspectives: land, underwater and from above.

A pioneering approach, innovative design, products used of the highest quality

The solutions used in the Orientarium project make it possible for animals of different species to function together in large spaces in a varied environment. The facility has an area of less than 10 football fields and is available to visitors all year round, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions, and animals do not have to be moved to breeding grounds. This is possible thanks to the technologies used in the project, the quality and pioneering approach of which have been recognised by, among others, the European Property Awards 2022-2023.

SMAY vantilation products in Orientarium ZOO Łódź:

  • Air grilles – SMAY grilles are installed in medium and low-pressure ventilation systems as duct terminating elements. The grilles are designed for indoor installation on walls, in ceilings (with screws or externally invisible clips) or floors. They can be used for air supply and extraction.
  • Ventilation dampers – also known as air dampers – are part (together with ventilation ducts) of a ventilation system responsible for air distribution. These devices are mostly divided into dampers designed for the air flow control and shut-off dampers. The latter ensure the full shut-off of air flow due to the gaskets on the baffle.
  • Air pressure regulators
  • Silencers

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