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Pioneer stairwell air supply solutions
The office building is marked by exceptional contemporary architecture design and a premium finish. State-of-the-art technical solutions enable efficient work and spacious and functional interiors provide maximum worker comfort. This is another facility provided with our comprehensive system of ventilation terminal units, and protected against fire by our automatic stairwell and escape route smoke venting system. Our grilles, diffusers, round and rectangular dampers as well as regulation dampers interacting with diffusers, grilles and plenum boxes, combined with silencers, ensure suitable indoor air quality, whilst complying with the Polish Standards on ventilation and with fire safety and sound insulation requirements.
The building has a protection system against fire. Escape stairwells, smoke-proof enclosures, lifts and emergency cranes were provided for the facility. Each stairwell is supplied with an effective and reliable positive-pressure system for smoke control, comprising a compact air supply unit iSWAY® with multipoint air supply to the stairwell space, and with a remote differential pressure sensor – P-MACF. The units are mounted on the roof of the buildings and wired to the power supply system. Electrical start-up of the system was performed, followed by an inspection of the sanitary system and tests on completion, whose results provided best credentials for the system.

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