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SMAY presents its offer at ISH Messe Frankfurt

During international ISH 2017 Messe Frankfurt trade fair, which lasted from 14 to 18 March, we presented a comprehensive range of ventilation devices and components, as well as the stairwell smoke ventilation systems.


Once again, we had pleasure to promote Polish products and creative thought. Our stand excelled and tempted the visitors from the distance, thanks to wonderful service and the smell of fresh roasted coffee. The two-level construction occupied the area of 100 m2 and creatively used this space. This year we put particular emphasis on the air flow distribution and regulation zone, as well as fire ventilation systems. The stage design was made of full-scale products and schemes of ZODIC system elements for efficient stairwell smoke ventilation. They were appreciated and encouraged the customers to engage in a discussion. New editions of folders fulfilled their informative purpose well and, at the same time, it was pleasure just to take them up. However, the main message of our stand was to show the potential of our company and our dedication to the issues and innovative technical solutions for improving the safety and comfort within buildings, so as to create the safe space for living – for each of us.


The fair takes place every two years. It is the biggest international event of the following branches: heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water installation and bathroom fittings. This year’s fair was visited by over 200 thousand guests, and there were 2,482 exhibitors in the fair halls.


Such events are always of great value for us, being the best time to share opinions and to promote Polish quality. Similar occasions create the necessary impetus for taking further actions in order to provide fresh air, as well as protect health and property worldwide.

Thank you very much and see you in 2019!