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Safety Exit

A number of conditions must be fulfilled for the SAFETY EXIT system to be effective and practical:

  • staircase to be protected by a mechanically supported ZODIC-M smoke extraction system;
  • staircase to be separated at least by door of grade EI30 and provided with automatic closers (the staircase must be properly designed and approved by the architect);
  • a fire safety manual to be prepared for the facility;
  • a trained security officer’s presence to be ensured at the facility – the person must ensure that the door to the staircase from the fire-engulfed storey is not open after persons on that storey are evacuated (excessive smoke in the staircase will prevent evacuation from lower storeys); the function of the security officer is taken over by the first fire fighter arriving at the scene).

Only after the above conditions are fulfilled may conditional evacuation from the storey above the fire-engulfed storey be permitted.

The application of the SAFETY EXIT system improves fire safety standard of the building without it being necessary to use additional components of the system and incur any additional financial expenses.