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New CO2 sensor – now in SMAY commercial offer

The CP010-1 indoor CO2 transducer makes real-time measurements of carbon dioxide concentration in a room possible. Easy operation and fast results ensure a high level of comfort. The operating range of the sensor is 0–1,000 ppm or 0–2,000 ppm. The device can be used in all kinds of rooms: in open space office areas, conference rooms or even residential units. The new sensor is a part of the iFlow (on demand ventilation system) system, however it is possible to purchase it independently.

The basic function of the sensor is interaction with the VAV regulators. In case of an increase of the CO2 concentration in the room, the device transmits an analogue signal to the VAV regulator, increasing the volume flow of air supplied to that room.

The CO2 level is measured by means of the NDIR (non dispersive infra-red) method with the auto-calibration function. The device uses an analogue 0–10 V signal as an output. Depending on the configuration, a 10 V signal can be obtained for the 0–1,000 ppm or 0–2,000 ppm values.

The device can be used as a part of the iFlow system (and then the 0–2,000 ppm range is recommended) and in conventional applications outside of the iFlow system (and then the 0–1,000 ppm range is recommended). The transducer can also be used for transmitting signals to the BMS system, using 0–10 V analogue signals. Due to the built-in sensor, the device measures not only CO2 concentration, but also temperature. The use of the sensor may earn points in the LEED systems.

More information on the product can be found on the SMAY website.

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