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WKP-O Fire Dampers

WKP-O Fire Dampers


Shut-off dampers for ventilation systems. These dampers are intended for stopping the spread of fire. The multi-blade, shut-off fire damper WKP-O type is designed for installation at the border of fire zones to maintain the separation and protection of means for emergency evacuation in case of fire. This damper is intended for stopping the spread of fire, temperature and smoke.

The damper closes automatically in case of fire or increased temperature. In addition, the fire damper can be closed by an external signal (cutting off the power supply). The WKP-O damper may operate also as a transfer damper.

WKP-O dampers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of EN 15650 „Ventilation for buildings – Fire dampers” and EN 13501-3 „Fire classification of construction products and building elements – Part 3: Classification using data from fire resistance tests on products and elements used in building service installations: fire resisting ducts and fire dampers”. The WKP-O damper is classified to integrity class C (integrity of casing) on the basis of tests carried out in accordance with EN 1751 ” Ventilation for buildings. Air terminal devices. Aerodynamic testing of damper and valves”.


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay WKP data sheet 0.7 MB 08.09.2017 Open Download
WKP-O Instalation manual 1.5 MB 22.11.2019 Open Download

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