The potential of meetings in developing SMAY partnership relations

The potential of meetings in developing SMAY partnership relations

Business relationship development requires time, patience, and an honest will to meet the expectations of demanding customers. At SMAY, we have been betting on partnerships for more than three decades, and the projects carried out – one by one in cooperation with other parties – prove this. What is the secret? The best solutions for ventilation and… the power of live meetings.

Many ways, but one common direction – safe ventilation

In the HVAC industry, the abundance of offered solutions does not always correspond to particular customer needs. Despite the non-harmonised regulations in different foreign markets and emerging challenges, whether strictly economical or connected with energy efficiency, all of us have the same goal – safe ventilation for the users of buildings being constructed. At SMAY, we know that cooperation is more important than competition. Therefore, we always choose to build bridges, not walls, in order to combine strengths and, together with our partners, deliver the best solutions in the field of safe ventilation.

Why is it worth becoming a SMAY partner?

We immensely enjoy every new opportunity of in-person meetings, which is often an easy way towards a long-term partnership. We are waiting for you and will gladly arrive to meet you, as we know the potential hidden in live, person-to-person meetings. So why is it worth it to become a SMAY partner? There are many advantages, but we have selected the most important ones:
• Individual training on the implementation of our systems within projects
• Display of SMAY ventilation systems in action
• Exchange of experience within the field of legislation, tools and devices we use on the international stage
• Technology and project-related consultations
• Joint development of HVAC system design concepts
• Visitations are seasoned with a significant amount of knowledge, shared in a friendly atmosphere
• Joint actions for safe ventilation solutions
• Development of the ventilation sector that leads to successive innovations

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How does such cooperation look in practice?

Watch the record of the visit that our partners from Estonia paid us

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The aim of the meeting with our Estonian partners was to present our ventilation systems and demonstrate those in detail. Our Safety Way pressure differential system ensures user safety in high-rise buildings throughout Poland and Europe. One of the buildings where our system is installed is the Polish Manhattan in the heart of Krakow! Together with our guests from Estonia, we went to the Unity Centre – an impressive skyscraper in the centre of Krakow. The Centre is fitted with our systems and ventilation products, and so we demonstrated our potential by showing an example of just one concrete project.

Innovative thinking requires an innovative base

We also had the Estonian team of designers, architects, fire safety specialists and, first and foremost, fire department representatives staying in our registered office in Podłęże. There, besides training and product presentations, we showed the team our innovative factory in order to properly depict our production potential.

Meetings worth partnership

So many things begin with a conversation! Dialogue is the germ of great ideas and far-reaching initiatives, especially in business. At SMAY, we trust each other and our innovative solutions, but we are also aware that it is always worth talking, speaking and listening in order to understand expectations, challenges and needs in the HVAC industry even better.

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