Technical support

Technical consultancy

We provide a borad range of design and technical consultancy services, and in particular we do the following:

  • provide consultancy for the selection of household and fire ventilation systems;
  • design differential pressure systems for many facility types,
  • create CFD models of processes related to the operation of ventilation systems in terms of both individual equipment units and entire systems;
  • supply custom solutions and maintenance systems.

Business concept, working in office

Silhouette engineer standing orders for construction crews to work safely on high ground over blurred natural background sunset pastel. heavy industry and safety at work concept.

SMAY provides:

  • comprehensive solutions for business, commerce, industry and the public sector;
  • flexible approach to project development and product adaptability to customer requirements;
  • top-quality products and cutting-edge technologies;
  • environment-friendly and energy-efficient solutions;
  • safe and reliable systems, warranty and maintenance support;

SMAY provides comprehensive support at each project development stage – from concept to implementation.

Our experts are at your service all over Poland.

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