Live meeting with SMAY experts
The perfect autumn plan? Live meeting with SMAY experts

Autumn at SMAY is marked by meetings, presentations, and the exchange of experiences. Our experts have a calendar full of conferences in various parts of the world. Where and when can you talk to SMAY specialists live? We present a schedule of events with our participation.

SMAY at the SPIN conference

The 21st SPIN (pol. Spotkanie Projektantów Instalacji Niskoprądowych) conference is right around the corner. On September 26 & 27, SMAY experts will attend an annual event for designers of low-voltage installations held in Wisła. The two-day conference provides a great opportunity to expand knowledge, listen to experts’ presentations and exchange experiences. We will be there. How about you?

Poland Business Run 2023 with SMAY

SMAY employees once again ran in the Poland Business Run 2023 charity event. A record number of participants — over 36,000 — registered for this year’s run. A fantastic group of athletes from SMAY was among them. The traditional race was held in Kraków. We also had a strong group of runners participating in the virtual race.

Marzena Maj w finale międzynarodowego konkursu „Women in Fire Safety Awards”
Marzena Maj in the finals of the international Women in Fire Safety Awards

Marzena Maj, Vice President of SMAY is one of the finalists of the global Women in Fire Safety Awards. The awards aim to honour women who are actively involved in the advancement and empowerment of women in the fire safety industry around the world. The official results of the competition will take place on September 28, 2023, in London.

Radek Sikorski został członkiem światowej organizacji CTBUH
SMAY expert Radek Sikorski has become a member of the global organisation CTBUH

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is the world's leading non-profit organisation for anyone interested in the future of cities. Founded in the USA, the CTBUH network brings together over one million professionals from the construction sector. SMAY has been a member of the organisation since 2019, and now their ranks have been joined by our representative – Radek Sikorski.

Marzena Maj — Wiceprezeska SMAY została Członkinią Zarządu PLGBC
Marzena Maj, Vice President of SMAY, becomes a Member of PLGBC Board of Directors

On June 29, 2023, the PLGBC General Meeting elected a new Board of Directors, an Audit Committee, and President of the Council. We are happy to announce that Ms. Marzena Maj, Vice President of SMAY, has been appointed a new member of the Board of Directors of the Polish Green Building Council, PLGBC. SMAY is a long-term member of the Council.

SMAY organizatorem Mistrzostw Polski w kolarstwie szosowym branży budowlanej
SMAY will organise next year’s Construction Industry National Road Race Championship

There’s always a lot going on at SMAY! And there will be even more, stronger and... faster. We are officially announcing that on 18 May 2024, together with Tomasz Marczyński, we will be organising the Construction Industry National Road Race Championship. It’s a big event with even greater excitement! We cannot wait for the start of the race.

Grill integracyjny dla pracowników SMAY
SMAY Olympics and integration barbecue for company employees

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, we held the SMAY Olympics, coupled with an outdoor integration meeting. The mood, attendance and weather were perfect, and the event itself was packed with activities for adults and... children, since our employees could bring their kids along.

Wielka Wyprawa Maluchów z udziałem Marzeny Maj, Prezeski Fundacji Rodziny Maj
President of the Maj Family Foundation participates in the Great Maluch Expedition to Monte Carlo

On July 4th, 2023, the Fiat 126p called the ‘Maluch’, navigated by the President of the Maj Family Foundation, Marzena Maj, takes a trip to Monte Carlo. The Maluch will be driven by Rafał Sonik himself! The purpose of the expedition is to raise one million PLN to help child victims of traffic accidents. It is the greatest automotive charity project. We are happy to take part in it.

The Employers Union of Małopolska ‘Lewiatan’ bestows ‘The Oak of Małopolska’ award to the creator of SMAY

Mr. Marek Maj, the founder of SMAY, was honoured with the Special ‘Oak of Małopolska’ award, granted by the Employers Union of Małopolska ‘Lewiatan’, for his contribution to the development of entrepreneurship. The creator of the SMAY brand received the award on June 15th, 2023, during the general meeting of the Employers Union of Małopolska ‘Lewiatan’.