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SDS – a complete smoke extraction system for one fire zone

The Smay Duct Systems (SDS for short) are used in mechanical smoke ventilation installations. They prove to be useful in various spaces within residential and office buildings, e.g. underground garages, escape routes, staircases, hallways, large-scale commercial buildings, shopping arcades and atria in shopping malls.

fire ventilation

BREEAM certification and green benefits from SMAY

V-Offices building is being constructed in Krakow. This project achieved a BREEAM Outstanding rating at design stage with a score of 90.57 %, to date the highest BREEAM certified score in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Completion date is planned for the first quarter of 2019.


People must be able to find safe escape route in case of a fire

Our pressurization systems by default are subject to automatic 24-h tests of key components. Such tests are carried out without any manual intervention. Such functionality allows to reduce necessity for periodic inspections e.g. weekly, monthly etc. Scope and frequency of maintenance works are limited to the yearly inspection when all measurements are taken to confirm proper functioning of the system.


How air affects human comfort in a building

People spend approx. 90% of their time indoors, i.e. in an artificially created climate. Therefore, buildings and their technical equipment should be designed and erected so that to ensure favourable thermal conditions for their inhabitants.

kontrola rozprzestrzeniania dymu

iSWAY in the heat of implementation

We are experts in creating safe escape routes. Our solutions work perfectly not only in new multi-storey buildings, but also in older buildings under renovation, with installations being adapted to new, more strict safety requirements.

smoke extraction

Range of Impact of Actual Fires on Staircases

The aim of the presentation was to present the results of research of a fire development in a multi-storey residential building, without corridors. The research was carried out on a specially created test stand in a 9-storey building. The research space included an apartment and an adjacent staircase. The research included several fire tests.


Fire ventilation systems for enclosed garages

Limited space for investment has made constructing underground garages as part of buildings increasingly popular in our country. In particular, this is true for large city centres, where the number of parking spots in the streets is smaller than the number of drivers looking for a parking space. As a result underground and multi-storey car parks are becoming more popular.