About SMAY Company

Ventilation Safety of Tomorrow. Today.

SMAY  for more than 35 years we have been providing innovative and comprehensive ventilation and fire protection solutions.

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Our mission is to supply fresh air and ensure comfort and solutions for protection of human health and property in all building types. We manufacture high-quality ventilation accessories, devices and systems, complying with the most stringent standards applicable in the European Union and other countries.

We focus on continuous, robust growth by developing innovative projects, technologies and production systems. We continuously invest in the development of our staff, advanced technological solutions and production facilities.

Our products and services were used by over 15k customers. We have been on a fast-track growth path, increasing our market presence in Poland and abroad. Our products can be found in over 34 countries around the world. Our production space is over 18,8 k sq. m. We have a modern machinery and work equipment, synchronised with the ordering system and automatic customer service. We can quickly adapt to customer expectations, ensuring top-quality products.

We are a stable and growing company, we care for each of our business relationships, and are driven by responsibility for our actions.

Our products are available in Europe and in many countries around the world.

We have been present on international market for many years.
Our products are available in many countries of Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa.

We provide comprehensive support to businesses and complete solutions to their investment plans

The SMAY Group provides comprehensive household and fire ventilation support. We assist our Clients at each stage of the project, from support in designing the system and selecting the most appropriate solutions, to delivering devices and all-round solutions, start-up, installation and commissioning support, as well as warranty and maintenance support. Each construction project is unique, and our clients are free to consult not only our technical experts and the team of designers but also CFD analysis staff in addressing specific project needs. We can also conduct smoke tests at the final project development stage. Our project development department supports our clients using experience gathered from installing SMAY systems in a few hundred facilities in Poland. Collaboration with our company means you have at your disposal a full team of professionals, passionate about their work.

We create reality and raise standards in the ventilation industry

needs and set new standards for the ventilation market. We cooperate with the industry’s top experts, universities and research institutions. We operate an in-house research laboratory and cooperate with the best accredited research institutions in Europe. We undertake actions which are to develop more effective solutions in the ventilation business, improve the quality of life and deliver standard of buildings that surround us. Our company holds a number of patents, we are involved in research projects, and create new solutions that improve people’s lives.

SMAY Group business activity scope

We focus on two primary lines of business:

  • household ventilation – production of equipment ensuring efficient distribution and regulation of airflow in all types of facilities (airflow regulation and distribution);
  • fire ventilation – supply of equipment for the safety of people and property in case of a fire, supporting rescue and fire fighting teams and facilitating building evacuation during a fire (fire ventilation).

We also supply specialised equipment required for specific room types:

  • ventilation solutions for explosive atmospheres— the EX zone,
  • solutions for rooms requiring special cleaning standards (laboratories, hospitals)—clean room zone.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • production of fire ventilation devices and systems;
  • production and start-up of positive pressure systems for escape route smoke control in case of fire (Safety Way);
  • production and start-up of gravity and mechanical stairwell smoke ventilation systems, (ZODIC);
  • supply of airflow regulation and distribution systems for buildings (household ventilation);
  • airflow regulation for laboratories and clean rooms (SMAYLAB®);
  • jet ventilation systems for garages and tunnels (Safety Carpark);
  • ventilation system air terminal units and ventilation accessories.

We can meet the needs of any project and deliver unique solutions tailored to any facility requirements.

We provide support to our clients not only at purchase, but also in the course of use of our systems. We provide maintenance and warranty support for all our products and services.

We ensure quick
delivery times for our products

Professional supply chain management guarantees quick supply of the ordered products according to the adopted schedule of deliveries.

We hold a transport licence for our proprietary commercial vehicle fleet, and only use services of trusted shipping and courier companies, holding relevant licences, operating logistics management systems, as well as ensuring domestic and international road transport services.

Facts about us

  • 15,000 customers
  • 18,500 sq.m of production floor
  • In-house research lab
  • Over 400 employees
  • Fully automatic steel sheet warehouse,
  • 4 european patents
  • Global reach
  • Specialised unit for conducting CFD simulations
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