Selection programs

SMAY Selektor – plugin for REVIT

Introducing SMAY plugin for Revit allowing direct download and use RFA families of our products. This simple tool provides support for designers to create projects with BIM technology.

Thanks to the clear interface, you can select the product you need in three quick steps and use it in your project. The application has an extensive database of descriptions and parameters for each model, allowing you to know all the features without looking at additional materials or datasheets.

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Quick SMAY Designer

Quick product selection based on the project requirements – essential information readily available for your ventilation project

We are proud to present Quick SMAY Designer – the new equipment and system selection program from SMAY. It offers numerous benefits such as an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly select products with basic configurations (i.e. standard design and typical parameters).

Diffuser selection program

The program allows the user to select the optimal diffusers for a project simply and intuitively. It includes products from the NS4, NS5, NS8, NS9, NWM and NSAL families offered by SMAY.

The program is available online and does not require either registration or logging.

Attenuator selection

The program allows for the selection of silencers and the comparison of parameters in a simple and quick way, even without the need to provide full data. The selection card generates the code for the silencer order. A simple interface allows you to download more selection cards, which automatically create a list with the quantities of a specific type of product.

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