Service Instructions and Guidelines

Inspections and Maintenance

Every civil structure, where devices or systems for fire protection are installed, should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis, according to the local construction laws or standards.
Such technical inspections and maintenance actions should be conducted based on device manufacturer’s guidelines (Operation and Maintenance Manual), at least once a year.
The date of such an inspection of the device or system should be set counting from the day of commissioning of this device or system, and confirmed by the Commissioning Protocol.

The list of the systems and devices subject to the above regulations is as follows:

Standards and instructions for the systems:


BS 5588-12: 2004 Fire precautions in the design, construction and use of buildings. Part 12: Managing fire safety

This standard contains recommendations for managing fire safety during the building life cycle. These regulations particularly apply to the guidelines for fire protection equipment and fire safety documentation, which should be kept in a facility. The standard determines when the maintenance activities should be carried out in order to check whether the fire protection system works effectively and ensures safety for the building and residents. In addition to determining the scope and interval of the maintenance of individual parts of the system, this standard points out the necessity of appointing one person as a Fire Safety Manager, who will exercise control over the installed system, including responsibility for its technical condition in case of fire.


EN 12101-6, Part 6 Smoke and heat control systems – Part 6: Specification for pressure differential systems. Kits

In Chapter 13 Maintenance of EN 12101-6, Part 6, the maintenance guidelines for systems are described, on the weekly, monthly, and annual basis. This information is also contained in the SAFETY WAY System Inspection and Maintenance Book, which should be kept on site by the facility staff in accordance with the standard.

The standard also indicates the measurement methodology in regard to a given class of the system (Chapter 4), both during initial system activations (Chapter 12) and routine testing carried out every 12 months.

In order to ensure continuous and efficient operation of the system or device regarded as the fire protection equipment, those systems and devices should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Technicians / administrator / manager / owner of the facility are responsible for some periodic inspections. These include all inspections and maintenance activities that should be carried out in the course of the calendar year according to appropriate guidelines. This refers to weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and all other inspections apart from the annual inspections, carried out every 12 months.
Only our Service Partners or SMAY Distribution Centre are authorized to carry out annual inspections every 12 months.
For some equipment, the Manufacturer may organize adequate service trainings, which will give the trained personnel authorization to carry out service and maintenance activities.

The inspection and maintenance agreement with the Service Partner or SMAY Distribution Centre for the systems or devices should be concluded immediately after the completion of installation and commissioning of the system or device, whether or not the facility is in use. Usually the agreement should be concluded between the User and/or Owner and the Supplier of the system or device, within the scope of inspections, technical support, and repairs.

Our Service Partner or SMAY Distribution Centre will provide qualified staff for the inspections mentioned above, and ensure short system repair and recovery times.