Safety Car Park

The Safety Carpark System

The Safety Carpark System is intended for ventilation of large spaces of underground garages and tunnels. The system is composed of SCF jet fans installed under the ceiling of the garage hall and reversible axial fans. In regular operation, the system operates in household ventilation mode, and if there is a fire, its purpose is to quickly pump smoke and heat through the extraction points and secure the zone as quickly as possible. The system reduces the temperature and removes smoke, which facilitates rescue and fire fighting efforts and evacuation of people from the facility, and prevents the spread of fire to more cars.

Jet ventilation involves pumping smoke from cars on fire to extraction shafts.

The ZUBR power supplies monitor

Apart from jet fans, the Safety CarPark system installation also includes SDS (SMAY DUCT SYSTEM) smoke exhaust ducts and ZUP (ZUBR) fire safety equipment power supplies.

The ZUBR power supplies monitor the parameters of the supply grid and lines feeding the respective components of the fire safety system. Single-compartment SDS smoke exhaust ducts in turn remove smoke and heat. They can work as an independent system or be connected to a multi-section system. They ensure integrity through thermal elongation compensation under fire conditions. They fulfil the relevant fire resistance standards.