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Purpose of ventilation grilles

SMAY grilles are installed in medium and low-pressure ventilation systems as duct terminating elements. Our product range includes special-purpose grilles: transfer grilles (KST, AL-SI1, AL-SI2, ST-SI1, ST-SI2), floor ventilation grilles (ALF) or grilles for hygiene applications (KH). The grilles are designed for indoor installation on walls, in ceilings (with screws or externally invisible clips) or floors. They can be used for air supply and extraction.

Along with our ventilation grilles you can order an airflow control element (damper), mounted directly on the grille frame. The grilles can be mounted directly to the wall barrier with screws, by using an assembling frame with an invisible clip fastener, or to a plenum box.

These products are made of aluminium, anodised aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel. Additionally, we offer paint covers in any RAL colour.

The STR-type grilles are designed for direct installation in round ducts thanks to their specifically shaped face frame. The KS-type grilles are used as terminating elements for round ventilation ducts or spiro pipes. The grilles can be fitted with an assembling frame, equipped with an EU3 filter (or a different class upon request). Rectangular grilles can be installed in a round duct using the NDS cap.

Screen deflectors can be attached to the grilles (used to improve airflow). Deflectors come in two variants: with a clearance of 35% or 58%. They are made of galvanised steel. These products are mounted directly onto the grille. The grilles are designed with plenum boxes in galvanised steel, stainless steel (1.4301) or acid resistant steel (1.4404).

Accessories for ventilation grilles include: plenum boxes, dampers (GP, GA, GSN, GT, GM, GC), screen deflectors (L01, L02), NDS sockets for spiro pipes for installation of rectangular universal grilles, assembling frames (RM, RMZ) and RM(Z)+F assembling frames with a filter.


  • ventilation,
  • transfer,
  • air supply,
  • air exhaust

installation location:

  • rectangular ventilation ducts,
  • round ventilation ducts
  • spiro ducts,
  • plenum box,
  • ceilings,
  • walls (wall barriers),
  • floors

manufacturing and accessories:

  • with movable or fixed vanes,
  • with vanes or mesh


  • galvanised steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • (anodised) aluminium,
  • acid-resistant material,
  • painted in any RAL colour

installation method:

  • clip-on,
  • spring,
  • bolts,
  • rivets,
  • screws

special requirements:

  • for hygiene applications,
  • economical,
  • reinforced


  • We manufacture grilles in a wide range of dimensions: from 75 × 75 mm to 2,000 × 1,000 mm.
  • rear frame,
  • damper,
  • plenum box,
  • assembling frame,
  • NDS cap for round ducts,
  • assembling frame with a filter

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