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We are characterized by a wide range of ventilation and fire protection products and systems. We adapt to the requirements of each facility and find solutions for even the most demanding customers.

Selection program

Selection programs were created to facilitate the work of designers, installers and distributors of ventilation accessories.

Introducing SMAY plugin for Revit allowing direct download and use RFA families of our products. This simple tool provides support for designers to create projects with BIM technology.

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Quick SMAY Designer
Quick product selection based on the project requirements – essential information readily available for your ventilation project

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Automatic selection of the appropriate fan model based on the operating point, all the necessary parameters gathered in one place, dynamic charts, the ability to generate selection cards directly from the program.

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The program allows the user to select the optimal swirl diffusers and slot diffusers for a specific project in a simple and intuitive way. It includes products from the NS4, NS5, NS8, NS9, NWM and NSAL families offered by SMAY.

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The program allows for the selection of silencers and the comparison of parameters in a simple and quick way, even without the need to provide full data. The selection card generates the code for the silencer order.

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About us

SMAY Group - for above 34 years we have been providing innovative and comprehensive ventilation and fire protection solutions.
Our mission is to supply fresh air and ensure comfort and solutions for protection of human health and property in all building types. We manufacture high-quality ventilation accessories, devices and systems, complying with the most stringent standards applicable in the European Union.

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Our devices and systems are selected and installed for prestigious office and residential facilities, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals and laboratories, as well as industrial facilities across Poland and abroad. Our solutions are suitable for any facility.

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