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Circular silencers TAS

Circular silencers TAS

intended use:
TAS dampers are designed for damping the noise transferred by round ducts in ventilation systems. They are usually located between fans and intake or extraction ducts as well as before intake ventilators which supply air to rooms requiring high acoustic comfort.

A spiro pipe, made of zinc-plated sheet, makes an external damper housing. Inside the housing, there is a 50 mm thick damping insert, made of non-flammable sound absorbing material, protected by a tissue and a shutter made of perforated zinc-plated sheet. TASs are normally fitted with nipple connectors adjusted to the standardized diameters of round spiro ducts. It is possible to order customized dampers
with sleeve connectors.

Attenuator selection


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay TAS data sheet 0.5 MB 04.11.2019 Open Download
Declaration of conformity TAS 0.2 MB 14.05.2015 Open Download
Atest higieniczny TAP / TAPS / TAH / TAHS / TAR / TAS / SWG 1 MB 02.06.2020 Open Download

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