CP-02X Room sensor

CP-02X Room sensor

Product characteristics

The transmitter is designed to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in the places occupied by people (offices, conference rooms, living rooms, etc.).


ABCLogic™ automatic calibration method eliminates the possibility of zero point drift. Output can be controlled according to the value of one measured parameter or all parameters. The lower CO2 limit for the control output is set to 400 PPM by default. This means that the control output will transmit a minimum signal (0V or 2V-depending on the selected sensor configuration) for a value of 400 PPM. For the max limit, three values can be chosen: 1000 PPM (default), 1200 PPM and 1400 PPM. The controller settings can be changed using the configuration tool.

The sensor can also be used to transmit signals to the BMS system via 0/2-10V analogue signals. Using internal sensor not only CO2, but also temperature can be monitored. In addition, the transmitter has the ability to measure humidity in the range from 0% to 100% rH.

The model with a display allows sequential reading of the measurement values. The display can be locked to display only the desired parameters.

The transmitter is available in versions with Modbus RTU communication, humidity measurement and with display. The data from the sensor can be used, for example, to control ventilation systems. The sensor can be used as part of the iFlow system.

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