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PS multi-blade dampers

PS multi-blade dampers

SMAY mutli-blade dampers with the backward blades are designed for use in ventilation and air conditioning systems.
They can be mounted in the air-conditioning centers, in the walls or in the channels in order to adjust precisely the air flow.
Due to the construction, which allows for high tightness, the dampers are perfect as closing devices.
The dampers meets the requirements of protection class 2 according to EN-1751.
They can be used in the systems with special requirements: cooperation with the recuperators, (multi-section dampers), protecting the heaters in the centre against frost, smoke during the fire.
Work temperature (-40ºC to +90ºC). The PS dampers
is recommended especially for the air-conditioning centrals.


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay PS data sheet 1 MB 25.09.2018 Open Download
Declaration of conformity PS 0.5 MB 14.12.2016 Open Download