Impact of iFlow – A Breath of Fresh Air for Sustainable Construction

Impact of iFlow – A Breath of Fresh Air for Sustainable Construction

Investors, contractors, manufacturers – everyone is pondering how to create a building that not only meets technical, legal, and energy requirements but also fulfills user expectations and ensures comfort. Fresh air in enclosed spaces significantly affects well-being. iFlow from SMAY guarantees fresh air and energy efficiency.

Fresh Air in Enclosed Spaces

In buildings with enclosed spaces where a considerable number of people gather daily, the appropriate amount of fresh air is crucial for good well-being and comfort. Hospitals, offices, government buildings, hotels, and schools are examples of institutions with internal architectures comprising closed spaces that require the adjustment of the air supply according to demand. Ventilation systems are responsible for airflow in the building and are a vital element in creating the right indoor climate. How to design a suitable ventilation system for such spaces? There is no single scheme to which the amount of supplied air can be matched. This is where iFlow comes in – an on-demand ventilation system from SMAY, created with the idea of sustainable construction.

Adjusting the Air Supply to the Room

The amount of air supplied to a room affects the climate and well-being of the building’s users, so it must be appropriate. What is the right amount? It depends on various factors, including the type of building and the number of people in the room. Unfortunately, in the case of public buildings or offices, determining a specific number of people in a room is challenging due to the nature of their use. Furthermore, to ensure low energy consumption in buildings, applied solutions should dynamically change airflow parameters. Determining a single scheme for adjusting the amount of supplied air to a room is not possible – too many factors influence changes in air expenditure.

iFlow – SMAY’s Individual Ventilation System

How can we ensure the right amount of fresh air in a room? SMAY’s iFlow individual ventilation system comes to the rescue. iFlow is a sustainable construction concept, created to optimise the operation of the ventilation system by using Variable Air Volume (VAV) flow controllers. This innovative mechanical ventilation solution ensures the delivery of the right amount of air to a room at any given time.

How Does it Work?

iFlow is a Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) system that brings maximum operational savings by adapting to the current occupancy of the rooms. SMAY’s individual ventilation system can be controlled according to demand, thanks to the analysis of room signals, including:

    • CO2 concentration
    • Current temperature*
    • Number of people in the room
    • Time of building usage
    • Data from presence and window opening sensors

iFlow allows adjusting ventilation efficiency to current demand by analysing the aforementioned factors. This solution is ideal for buildings equipped with enclosed spaces and ensures comfort for users while providing significant operational savings. With iFlow, the amount of airflow can be dependent on the proportional carbon dioxide concentration to the number of people in the room.

General Characteristics of the iFlow System

• Supplying an appropriate amount of air according to demand
• Monitoring CO2 concentration in the room
• The possibility of temperature regulation*, based on the amount of air exchange and room heat gains
• Controlling the rotation of fan units in the central ventilation system depending on the degree of regulator opening or pressure in the ventilation duct.

Basic Functions of the iFlow System

• Measurement and regulation of parameters such as CO2 concentration and temperature*
• Presence control in the room
• Individual occupancy calendar configuration for each room
• Monitoring room parameters and the correct operation of VAV regulators
• Controlling the central ventilation unit to optimise the ventilation system in terms of energy consumption
• Built-in web server for system management
• Individual adjustment possibility through the application.

Modern Office Building with the iFlow System

Office buildings are structures where a different number of people can be present every day, at any time. The variable frequency of office building users makes it difficult to determine the required amount of air supply to the rooms. However, providing comfortable conditions for employees is a crucial and regulation-defined element that cannot be overlooked. This is why SMAY has developed the iFlow system, which ensures the right amount of air supply, with individual ventilation regulating the temperature*. The system possesses an algorithm that collects temperature values from rooms and adjusts the temperature of the central ventilation unit to the averaged room temperature values.

AFRISO Company Headquarters with the iFlow System

A modern approach requires innovative solutions. AFRISO approached the creation of its new headquarters in Szolsza near Gliwice with precisely this mindset. The new AFRISO building is equipped with energy-efficient solutions, innovative products, and the iFlow system from SMAY. The main project goals for the new AFRISO building were primarily the comfort of employees (spacious office spaces where the iFlow individual ventilation system ensures the right amount of air) and minimising the negative impact on the environment (the building is equipped with energy-efficient solutions and products created with the idea of sustainable development).

Why Choose the iFlow System from SMAY?

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Modern approach to ventilation in sustainable buildings

The introduction of the iFlow system from SMAY into sustainable buildings is a step towards future-proof, intelligent airflow management. This not only guarantees user comfort, but also operational savings, which is becoming more and more important in the context of growing challenges related to energy efficiency. The functionality of the iFlow system, which is visible in modern facilities, such as the AFRISO headquarters, confirms that the innovative approach to ventilation has a significant impact not only on people’s well-being, but also on the natural environment. Optimizing the amount of air supplied based on actual demand is becoming a key element of the construction of the future.

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