Modernization of smoke exhaust systems in practice – SMAY smoke extraction fans

The HVAC system was modernized during the overhaul works at the Municipal Stadium in Kraków. SMAY high-efficiency fans were applied to upgrade the smoke exhaust systems at the facility. Among other works, 35 CHGT F400 smoke extraction fans were replaced. How did the modernization change the performance of the system?

wentylatory oddymiające SMAY zainstalowane podczas modernizacji systemów oddymiania

1. Task

Between 21 June and 2 July, 2023, Kraków was the host of the 3rd Kraków-Małopolska European Games. This event was the reason for the reconstruction of the Henryk Reyman’s Municipal Stadium – the usual playing field of Wisła Kraków. The scope of the works included the renovation of the façade of all the stands, plus the HVAC systems for ventilation,the air conditioning, heating, as well as the electrical and TC systems. 35 CHGT F400 smoke extraction fans were modernized.

2. Implementation

Since these changes should increase the energy efficiency of the facility, SMAY decided to modernize the smoke extraction system using their high-efficiency SEF(V)GV F400 fans. Thanks to their appropriate design, the units are easy to install, so they allow fast installation in any facility. The new generation of SEF fans enabled the reduction of the equipment’s power demand by nearly 20% (whilst maintaining the required design parameters) and significant speeding up of both the mechanical and electrical installation works.

The result of the modernization of the smoke extraction system at the Municipal Stadium in Kraków

The result of the modernization of the smoke extraction system at the Municipal Stadium in Kraków

What were SMAY’s goals during this modernization process? First of all, our aim was to maintain the design parameters whilst reducing power demand (and consequently the operating costs), as well as enabling smooth and seamless installation. All of these goals were achieved using our SEF(V)GV fans. The success of the whole operation was determined by the fan’s high overall efficiency and simplified mechanical installation – thanks to the modular construction of the fan and its accessories, and the outside junction box mounted on the fan’s casing, which speeds up the electrical connection.

4. Additional information

SEF(V)GV fans rectify the stream due to the use of a vane, which makes the air stream uniform and prevents possible additional turbulence directly downstream the fan. Such a solution significantly increases the efficiency and flow parameters, thus eliminating additional and unpredictable pressure loss in the system directly downstream the fan.

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