SMAY Ensured Safe Escape Routes in Mennica Legacy Tower


Mennica Legacy Tower in the Wola district is one of the most anticipated skyscrapers in Warsaw. It is yet another project in the centre of Warsaw, where SMAY delivered its fire protection systems.

Safety Way – an innovative pressure differential system

Modern buildings are equipped with systems and installations that protect their users. SMAY made sure that the Mennica Legacy Tower building complex had proper ventilation and fire protection. The project required vast expertise and specific experience.

In order to make such a complex project easier, it was divided into two stages. The first stage included the lower of the buildings, i.e. the western building and a four-level underground car park. As part of the first stage the following devices were delivered and installed:

a) SafetyWay system – – responsible for supplying air to staircases, elevator shafts and smoke-stop lobbies.
The SafetyWay pressure differential system ensures that combustion products (i.e. smoke and gases) stay out of the designated safe evacuation zones. Preventing smoke and hot fire gases from penetrating such high-rise buildings as Mennica Legacy Tower keeps them free from smoke, facilitates evacuation from high-risk places and makes it possible to efficiently fight fire.

Additionally, the following components were installed: 12 iSWAY FC-D units, a TS-12 control signal board as well as the MSPU equipment status monitoring devices.

The SafetyWay system installed in the first stage protects two staircases along with adjacent fire stop lobbies and five elevator shafts (including one emergency shaft) by means of overpressure.

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Image 1 – Car park smoke extraction. The image was taken during the smoke test at the underground car park

Car park smoke extraction. How to protect a car park against fire? Safety Car Park system

The safety of people and their property depends on a number of factors. Car park smoke extraction makes it possible to evacuate people from zones engulfed in fire. In order to secure the underground car park of Mennica Legacy Tower, SMAY used the Safety Car Park system. It consists of SCF jet fans, reversible smoke exhaust fans and the ZUBR power supplies.

b) Safety Car Park system – underground car park ventilation.
• Unidirectional jet fans.
• Two-speed jet fans.
• Reversible smoke exhaust fans.
• Main axial fans.
• ZUBR fire safety equipment power supplies.
• CO and LPG detection systems.

The Safety Car Park system (car park smoke extraction) ensures safe evacuation from every place of the garage, safe evacuation from the smoke zone (moving to the staircase), keeping the smoke in the given smoke detection zone or smoke zone for an appropriate time, and it makes it possible to carry out safe evacuation from the neighbouring detection zones that are free of smoke.

The second stage included the higher of the buildings, i.e. the eastern one. Similarly to the western building, SMAY used the SafetyWay air supply system in order to secure staircases, elevator shafts and fire stop lobbies by means of overpressure. This stage included delivery and installation of 38 iSWAY units, TS-16 and TS-22 control signal boards, as well as the MSPU equipment status monitoring devices.

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Image 2 – iSway air supply unit transport

Safety Way: an innovative differential pressure system – escape routes free from smoke and fire – highest degree of protection.

The Safety Way differential pressure system is a solution designed for multi-storey buildings:
• iSWAY-FC® differential pressure product for smoke and heat control systems;
• Innovative predictive algorithm;
• Anti-Frost system that endures even the most extreme weather conditions;
• 24-hour automatic test of all the components;
• Automatic adaptation to changing service conditions;
• Communication between individual components of the set and continuous tracking of all components (regulators, remote pressure sensors, etc.);
• Continuous measurement of the set value of static differential pressure between the protected and reference zones by the P-MAC(F) sensor.

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