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Hot news from SMAY – Louvres for Hall and set of antismoke ventilation ducts SDS type

Product offer  of our Company was extended with two brand  new products  louver of the air for halls and new duct SDS was improved with new construction element.  New louver is designed to be use in antismoke installation and gravity  for big buildings and architectural objects , like hall, warehouse , and antismoke dust set SDS it is first in  Poland completed set of antismoke ducts, optimal preparation of the high quality project of installation.

CDH – air intake z with mobile blades

  • Maximum .air flow in big object with coexistent  protection  against weather condition
  • Possibility of additional lighting.
  • High acoustic parameters  and insulation thanks to mineral wool.
  • Moveable blades made by profiles  durable and corrosion resistance.
  • Light frame construction, easy montage.
  • Manual control or by electrical booster.


Compensation ducts thermal  SDS-DC

  • Biggest dimensions range on market  (2500 × 1500 mm) let to perform installation antismoke with capacity over 100 000 m3/h in one day.
  • Precision in regulation of  installation thanks to  special throttles SDS-PWO type (dimensions 2500 × 1500 mm).
  • Silent installation  and work ventilation of garage  thanks to use acoustic silencers with new  fairing type SDS-TAP (in multifunction system).
  • Additional and reliable lengths compensation thanks to  nonstandard dilatation row  used in air grilles and three types  (SDS-KE, SDS-KEP, SDS-DC) to choose.
  • Perfect leakproof  thanks to use special ceramics  or silicone silencer with undersealing possibility of the ducts outside and inside.
  • Safety and integrity – very tight tin which allows to remit perforation.
  • Possibility to choose two types of  air grilles with blades SDS-STW  grille type SDS-STS1 (available with  SDS-GS) dumpers maximal dimensions. 2500 × 1250 mm.
  • Painting possibility  of the cables with polymeric paint powder coating type  give opportunity  to prepare unique installation and improved the interior look.

Fast and convenient montage  allow to save the time during the work technical  and build.