The Bridge Warszawa

The Bridge


The tallest building currently under construction in Poland has been equipped with SMAY ventilation solutions! The Bridge is a breathtaking investment by Ghelamco, located in the business center of Warsaw. The innovative The Bridge skyscraper designed by UNStudio and PBPA is 174 meters high and has 40 office floors. It is one of the most environmentally friendly office buildings in Central and Eastern Europe.

Impressive The Bridge with a pressure differentiation system from SMAY

The Bridge is an impressive Ghelamco investment currently being built in the capital of Poland. This prestigious skyscraper will enhance the Warsaw skyline and become one of the tallest buildings in Poland. With a height of 174 meters and 40 office floors covering a total area of 47,000 square meters, The Bridge is equipped with SMAY ventilation solutions that ensure the fire safety of users of this prestigious building. High-rise buildings require the highest level of fire protection. That’s why we delivered our flagship SafetyWay system – the best choice for multi-storey buildings, protecting evacuation routes and staircases from smoke.

iSWAY® ventilation units protect fire escape routes in The Bridge

In The Bridge, as befits an innovative construction project, a range of advanced technologies have been applied, including an intelligent building management system (BMS), innovative energy efficiency technologies, sustainable building materials, and our iSWAY® ventilation units that are part of the Safety Way system and ensure that evacuation routes remain smoke-free. The pressure differentiation system equipped with iSWAY® devices allows continuous measurement and monitoring of overpressure in the protected space and an instantaneous response to pressure changes. It is precisely the iSWAY® ventilation units from SMAY that guarantee fire safety in The Bridge skyscraper.

We would like to thank Electra M&E Polska, the investor of this breathtaking facility – Ghelamco Poland and WSP Sp. z o.o. for their trust and fruitful cooperation.

Used systems

Safety Way - Pressure Differential System
The iSWAY-FC® product set is intended to generate and maintain positive pressure in protected spaces to prevent smoke accumulation.
Safety Car Park
The Safety Carpark System is intended for ventilation of large spaces of underground garages and tunnels.

Used products