SMAY Vice President Marzena Maj was Honoured with the 2024 Not Indifference Award

Nagroda Nieobojętności Marzena Maj

On May 13, 2024, the Oświęcim Human Rights Institute hosted the Not Indifference Award 2024 Gala. Marzena Maj – Vice President of SMAY and President of the Maj Family Foundation, named after Piotr Maj – was honored with this extraordinary distinction in the “Inspiration” category. Other recipients included actress Maja Ostaszewska and educator Dr. Joanna Talewicz.

Exceptional Award from the Oświęcim Human Rights Institute for Marzena Maj

With great pride and admiration, we are thrilled to announce that our Vice President of SMAY and President of the Maj Family Foundation, and above all, a wonderful and benevolent woman – Marzena Maj has been awarded the Not Indifference Award 2024 in the “Inspiration” category. This prestigious acknowledgment from the Oświęcim Human Rights Institute perfectly reflects the character of Ms. Maj, which we – the employees of SMAY – witness every day during our work and in accomplishing major goals, such as the First Polish Road Cycling Championships for the Construction Industry, the proceeds of which will support the beneficiaries of the Maj Family Foundation.

Not Indifference Award 2024 Gala

On Monday, May 13, the Not Indifference Awards Gala took place, where alongside the Vice President of SMAY, actress Maja Ostaszewska received her statuette for actively responding to harm and injustice and using her fame to fight for human rights, and Joanna Talewicz for actively, scientifically informed efforts to change the world of the Roma through her example, helping Roma refugees, and breaking stereotypes about the Roma. During the gala, all three awardees participated in the discussion panel “How to be Not Indifferent” and shared their vision of goodness.

Marzena Maj – A Woman of Concern

Marzena Maj received the award in the “Inspiration” category for “fruitfully using international business successes to develop a social mission of supporting the excluded and needy, as well as for actively promoting a business sensitive to fellow human beings.” Ms. Maj’s work for both SMAY and the Maj Family Foundation justifies this choice and fits perfectly with the summary of the Award Committee. Her business and philanthropic activities, support for women, numerous initiatives for students, mentoring, and unwavering desire to help the needy – all charged with Marzena Maj’s positive energy – show that at SMAY, we can achieve more!

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