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CDH-F Smoke and heat exhaust ventilator

CDH-F Smoke and heat exhaust ventilator

Intended use

CDH-F louvres are used for smoke and heat extraction in gravity and mechanical smoke ventilation systems. The louvre lamellas are designed so that it is possible to open/close them by means of an electric actuator.


CDH-F louvres are fitted with movable lamellas positioned by means of an electric actuator. The lamellas are made of anodised aluminium profiles and an insert mounted between profiles and secured with a glazing gasket. In the S version the lamella insert is made of a 20 mm thick multiwall polycarbonate sheets (colour – clear). In the A version the lamella insert is made of 20 mm thick mineral wool with glass fleece inside and aluminium sheet outside. The louvre frame is made of aluminium and powder coated in the RAL9006 matt colour. CDH-F louvres fitted with a channel with measuring device and cover mesh are marked as CDH-F-L. CDH-F-L louvres also
contain a differential pressure transducer with ø6 copper tubes coming from the measuring device.

Lamella Control

CDH-F louvre lamellas may be controlled by means of Belimo electric actuators, open/close, with continuous setpoint adjustment. Power supply: 24 V AC/DC or 230 V AC.

If an actuator with a return spring is in use, in the case of an actuator power supply loss, the louvre lamellas are opened.

More information in data files.


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay CDH-F data sheet 2 MB 15.04.2022 Open Download
Technical and operational documentation CDH-F 1.5 MB 11.04.2022 Open Download

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