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Diffuser NAF with particulate filter class H13

Diffuser NAF with particulate filter class H13


NAF diffusers are intended to use in low- and medium-pressure ventilation systems. They are used in facilities with increased air quality requirements e.g. hospitals, laboratories (due to keeping the purity of tested samples and limiting the escape of harmful pollutants out), food industry and pharmaceutical premises, microelectronics assembly premises. By using particulate filter class H13 they provide a very high degree of supply air purity.
NAF are equipped with plenum box with side, circular connector with or without a damper. The damper could be made in two versions: with adjusting lever inside the box, with adjustment next to the connector, outside the box. Standard plenum box is made of galvanized steel and coated on RAL 9010 color. It is possible. On request it may be made of stainless steel. In standard execution, there are spigots for connecting differential pressure switch, installed in the plenum box casing.
In standard execution, a box is equipped with a spigot for filter integrity testing (tracer-gas leak testing method), optionally it is equipped with a spigot for filter gasket tightness testing. Construction of the box allows the use of test methods in accordance with ISO 14644: Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments- Part 3: Test methods.
The filter is mounted in the casing on a special aluminum frame and fixed to it by means of corners with grub screw (provided in bulk), screwed with use of 4 mm hex key. The filter is made in class H13 according to EN 1822: 2009, in a casing made of galvanized steel with flat gasket 8 mm thick, made of high quality neoprene. Verification of the degree of pollution of the filter is possible using differential pressure switch connected to the spigots mounted in the plenum box casing. It is recommended to use differential pressure switch for optimum operation of the diffuser.
Plenum boxes are equipped with diffusers for ceiling-mounting: SDA4, NS4, NS5, NS8, NS9 or with grilles for wall-mounting: series of types ST and AL. Standard diffusers are made of steel, powder coated on RAL 9010 color. On request it is possible to coat the diffuser to another RAL color.


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay Absolut (NAF) data sheet 7.09 MB 29.11.2016 Open Download
Smay Absolut (NAF) operation and maintenance manual 0.5 MB 02.06.2020 Open Download

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