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Duct housing with H13 particulate filter KAF

Duct housing with H13 particulate filter KAF

Intended use

KAF Duct housing foreseen for installation in rectangular ventilation duct systems. The unit is installed in systems supplying air to aseptic rooms such as operating rooms, laboratories, advanced electronics or optics manufacturing facilities, etc. KAF housings do not replace within the ventilation system the inflow ceilings or inflow openings with particulate filters, however, they permit the extension of the operational lifetimes of the filters in these devices, constituting an initial filtration component. An additional advantage of using the KAF is the possibility of their installation outside of the ‚clean’ rooms. Thanks to this, replacement of the filter within the KAF does not cause contamination of the room and the necessity to shut it down.


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay KAF data sheet 1 MB 17.05.2019 Open Download
Smay Absolut (KAF) operation and maintenance manual 0.5 MB 02.06.2020 Open Download

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