KCRK Constant air volume flow regulator

KCRK Constant air volume flow regulator

The constant air flow regulator (with the possibility of settings change) is a control element that operates independently of the pressure in a duct and without external power supply. The device regulates the air flow within the pressure range from 50 Pa to 250 Pa, maintaining declared  ccuracy of regulation. As a consequence, the regulator becomes an indispensable element of continuous installation balancing, ensuring constant volumetric air flow. The regulator is equipped with a special vibration silencer, which stabilizes the regulator operation and, due to an  external scale, it is possible to set required flow value independently.


KCRK regulator has many advantages. The most important one is the fact that it is the most effective and comfortable method of balancing the ventilation system, in comparison to other known methods, like regulation with manual dampers, flow balancing, etc. Furthermore, it automatically reacts to changes in pressure in ventilation systems (within the range from 50 Pa to 250 Pa). Other advantages are:

  • The possibility of changing settings independently, within the range of available positions.
  • The possibility of accessing the regulator from the outside, if a revision hole has been cut.
  • The device independently adapts to pressure changes in the duct, which makes the balancing process easier.
  • It does not require electric power supply.
  • It can be used both in ventilation and air-conditioning syst

KCRK flow regulator is designed for mounting inside a duct, both in vertical and horizontal systems. The gasket at the body perimeter ensures tightness and secure installation, preventing the regulator from unwanted uncontrolled displacement. The regulator shall be mounted in accordance with the flow direction, which is marked on the housing near the setting scale. In the case of horizontal mounting it is recommended to mount the regulator with the scale at the bottom (in parallel to the floor).

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