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RPP-P air pressure VAV regulators

RPP-P air pressure VAV regulators

Air pressure regulator RPP-P is applicable for pressure regulation in airtight rooms and also in the ventilation ducts to maintain required pressure difference between the zones. They should be used everywhere where it is necessary to provide linear characteristic of pressure regulation, despite of air volume. According to the application the device can maintain constant or variable pressure difference depending on the sequence of control. Thanks to using a static pressure sensor the regulator can work in environments with low and medium contamination levels including aggressive chemicals. In case of lack to determine how much chemically aggressive the gases are, it is recommended to test the device prior to the installation.


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay RPP-P data sheet 1mb 23.12.2021 Open Download
Atest Higieniczny RVP-P, RVP-P-EX, RVP-R, RVP-R-EX 578.31 KB 29.11.2016 Open Download

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