WKS-P Multi-blade smoke control damper

WKS-P Multi-blade smoke control damper

WKS-P dampers are made up of a casing with a rectangular cross-section, movable blades and a drive system. The damper casing is made of fireproof boards and steel structural elements. Movable blades made of mineral silicate composite are attached to the housing using metal pins. On one side, the housing is finished with a steel flange which can be equipped with a tilting grille or fixed perforated cover. The other end of the casing is finished with a steel connector enabling easy, optional connection of the duct elements with the damper.

There are intumescent seals mounted on the inner side of the housing and on the blades. Their characteristic feature is the volume increase at high temperatures, tightly filling all leaks between the baffle and the body. A bubble seal ensures the leak tightness at ambient temperature. The WKS-P damper is provided with an innovative actuating mechanism, which ensures the counter rotation of the blades. The mechanism is made up of, among other things, gears made of fire-rated materials, blades and an electric actuator. The permissible air velocity for the WKS-P damper in a BxH connection duct is 12 m/s.


The BEN, BEE or BE electric actuator by BELIMO is used as the drive system. Switching between open and closed position of the damper (and vice versa) can be done after the power supply has been connected to the actuator. There are microswitches permanently installed in the actuator for indicating the open/ closed position of the damper. The WKS-P dampers do not have return springs (voltage loss will not cause the movement of the damper isolating blades).

The WKS-P dampers can be equipped with a dedicated ALWT-S aluminum lamella grille painted in any RAL color. It is mounted inside the damper flange and equipped with a hinge enabling quick access to the interior of the damper. Alternatively, the damper should be equipped with a MKW-S cover mounted to the wall. On the flange side, damper elements visible through the grille can be painted with matte black paint for aesthetic purposes.

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