ZNZ Aeration unit

ZNZ Aeration unit


Damper for compensating air supply with mechanical fan in smoke and heat control systems – ZNZ Aeration Unit

Intended use

The ZNZ aeration unit is intended for mechanical, natural and mixed smoke ventilation systems as well as for ventilation and continuous renewal of air in rooms inside the building.

Due to the use of aeration fans, ZNZ ensures the supply of air, which increases the effectiveness of smoke removal and makes the system independent of adverse weather conditions, such as temperature or adverse wind direction. It may also be used for ventilation and continuous renewal of air in rooms inside the building. Due to a wide range of ZNZ applications, it can be used in the following areas:

  • staircases,
  • halls, warehouses,
  • industrial facilities, etc.

If the ZNZ unit operates only as a comfort ventilation unit, please contact Smay before placing any order.


The ZNZ unit consists of a CDH-K intake vent, a telescoping channel with an inspection panel made of galvanised sheet metal, and one or two fans. The inspection panel is painted black (as the fan casing).

Operating principle

In the standby mode (ZNZ unit in standby mode), the damper in the ZNZ unit is closed and the fan(s) is/are switched off. The activation of the ZNZ from the ventilation system or fire-fighting
system causes the opening of dampers and activation of the fan(s). The fan(s) may operate at fixed or variable speeds.

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