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Air supply units ZNS / ZNW

Air supply units ZNS / ZNW


ZNS and ZNW air supply units are used as air intakes in gravitational and mechanical ventilation systems. They are the combination of an air intake and a damper, which makes it possible to adjust the airflow through the air intake. Operating temperature ranges of the ZNS and ZNW units are as follows:

  • with a manual damper: from –20°C to +90°C,
  • with a damper driven by an electric actuator: from -20°C to +50°.

ZNS and ZNW units are fitted with standard ZS air intakes made of galvanised steel, equipped with a steel mesh serving as protection against birds. On order, the air intake can be painted in selected RAL colour. Behind the air intake there is an aluminium PS multi-blade damper with lamellas equipped with PVC seals. The damper transmission consists of gears made of polypropylene. Optionally, ZNS and ZNW units may be fitted with other PW multi-blade dampers chosen from the SMAY portfolio. The damper can be set manually or by means of an electric actuator. Behind the damper there is an expanded mesh, which covers movable damper lamellas. For the SL version, only the ZS louvre is made of powder coated steel. The air intake and the damper are connected by means of a duct made of galvanized steel.


Image File info Date Open Download
Smay ZNS/ZNW data sheet 1 MB 15.11.2017 Open Download

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