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Special design requirements are an opportunity to manufacture innovative ventilation grilles Vilnius, Lithuania

Special design requirements are an opportunity to manufacture innovative ventilation grilles

Vilnius, Lithuania

Thanks to the professionalism of the manufacturer SMAY, these grilles have been designed to meet the high technical requirements of the customer. These grilles are connected to the ventilation/cooling devices and fan coils, so the function of blowing cooled-cold air at the right speed, at the right angle, and quietly is achieved, thus ensuring the flow of cool air in the offices. 

Rokas Labanauskas
Department manager, Korgas JSC 

Main Contractor: Korgas JSC
Developer: Vastint Group 
  Business Garden Vilnius due to its strategic location, aspires to become one of the main business centres in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. It offers premises to new companies and those who need a larger area, a higher class. More attention is being paid to green spaces, which attract employees to return to
business centres and create conditions for productive and dynamic work.

Issue: To ensure the ventilation and cooling of the premises, about 5,000 pieces of various air supply/exhaust grilles were needed. Grilles had strict requirements to be fully integrated into the ceiling and needed the product that has the lowest possible pressure drop. 

Solution: SMAY manufactured grilles, fire protection overpressure systems, and diffusers. Grilles were designed specifically for the Business Garden Vilnius project according to the ceiling construction. The STW grilles are for air supply, with special angled blades and wide frames, and ALG2 are for air extraction, with wide KST frames. Stairs and halls are equipped with fire protection overpressure systems with KST and ALP gratings. For the ventilation of the auxiliary rooms and corridors NS4-K1 diffuser models were used. 

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Used systems

Used products

Nawiewniki wirowe NS4 - 2