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Report from “Safe evacuation” conference

Conference „Safe evacuation” –  the biggest event in fire prevention in Poland in 2016 Year.

2 June of  2016 Year win  Expo Silesia Hall in Sosnowiec  was held in International  technical conference  „Safe evacuation”, which has gathered about  650 person from whole Poland and abroad

Conference was assuming long testing project , main task of which was to check effectivity of the antismoke system used in  prevention from fire on  staircases  and improve the scheme of peoples evacuation and fire service cooperation.

Conference was held by  SMAY Sp. z o. o . – one of leading Companies  producing fire ventilation. Honorary patronage was held by  Sosnowiec City Town Clerk , and National Fire Security Service– Government Search Institute.


Conference: 12 presentations, 6 special speeches and two films for conference attendant.

All conference attendants of  12 presentations  from fire safety evacuation way and fire ventilation.

Number list of  speakers included following names dr inż. Dariusz Ratajczak, dr inż. Grzegorz Kubicki (Warsaw Technical University), dr inż. Grzegorz Sztarbała (Ardor), mgr. inż. Raimund Pamlitschka (head of technical group TG1 w European Normalization Institute CEN), mgr inż. Wilfried Mertens (Institute of Industrial Aerodynamics  I.F.I. GmbH), dr inż. Małgorzata Król (Silesian Technical  University), Grzegorz Sypek (Smay FZE), mł. bryg. mgr inż. Marcin Cisek (Main School of Fire Service ), mgr inż. Izabela Tekielak-Skałka (Smay Sp. z o.o.), inż. Jarosław Wiche (Smay Sp. z o.o.), bryg. mgr inż. Daniel Małozięć (CNBOP-PIB), st. kpt. mgr inż. Jacek Szczypiorski (JRG nr. 1 PSP w Sosnowcu). His own presentation has also firefighter in retired Mr. Roman Kaźmierczak, head engineer. Jacek Zboina (Head of CNBOP-PIB) and Mr Bronisław Skaźnik (Prezes SITP). Conference was opened by, Marzena Maj i Jarosław Wiche from  SMAY Sp. z o.o., and Sosnowiec City V-ce President, Krzysztof Haładus.

During their speeches invited visitors  were talikng about their experiences, like ventillation system using fire regulations in ventilation in law  aspect , restrictions  of fire system function  and main problems connected with safe evacuation of the  peoples from the buildings , assesment of efficiency common used system of smoke and hot air  spreading  or weather condition on efficiency of antifire system work. They compared also fire simulation results CFD with the results of the real fires in Sosnowiec.

All presentations and speeches  are possible to be seen:

All the conference was available to see on live in web. Till the present day the film from conference was seen  by  1300 persons.


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