Diffuser selection program

Program doboru Smay
Selection Programs - 1

We have it! Another version of the program for selecting diffusers. The program has been extended with an additional diffuser from the group of NSAL slot diffusers.

The program allows the user to select the optimal swirl diffusers and slot diffusers for a specific project in a simple and intuitive way. It includes products from the NS4, NS5, NS8, NS9, NWM and NSAL families offered by SMAY.

This tool does not require either registration or logging and is available in basic and advanced versions. The user can change the version of the program even during the selection process, without risking losing the already entered information (data entered into one version of the program is automatically loaded into the other one and it is enough to fill in additional information).

We have created this tool with designers, installers, architects and distributors of ventilation accessories in mind. It is perfect in cases where detailed information is missing at the initial stage of the project, as well as during the design of the installation. Thanks to the intuitiveness of the program, everyone can choose the best solution for their own needs.

Thanks to the stream visualization (up to the limit speed), the program allows to determine the range of the stream of supplied air. In the basic version, the visualization is presented on one plain, and in the advanced version – on three. The application allows you to determine the range both when there is a temperature difference between the supplied air and the air in the room, and when there is no such difference. In addition, the program generates information – in form of clear diagrams – for pressure losses and acoustics.

After data input, the program performs appropriate calculations and the user can download a selection card, which contains useful information about the diffuser itself and the selected accessories. The selection card can be generated in PDF format.

Basic version
It enables quick and easy selection of devices without providing detailed data. It can be used both when the geometry of the room is unknown, but also when a simplified selection is needed with basic information about the dimensions of the room. This version of the program also allows to determine the air flow in the room under the influence of the second diffuser.

Advanced version
After the input of additional data, the selection takes into account the joint action of many diffusers at the same time. This version of the program also allows you to verify different locations of diffusers and simplify interior arrangement.

Using both versions of the program does not require opening additional subpages, so you can easily verify, for example, the set of the parameters. Thanks to such organization of the program, any modifications during the selection process are not associated with a waste of time.

This solution is free of charge and available in Polish and English language versions.

Basic advantages of the SMAY diffuser selection program

  • Quick selection of diffusers from the NS4, NS5, NS8, NS9, NWM family and their accessories.
  • No registration and login required.
  • Simple, intuitive and interactive menu.
  • Possibility to work in advanced and basic versions depending on the needs.
  • Visualization of the range of the blown air stream.
  • Selection that takes into account both the temperature difference between the supply stream and the air in the room, and no such difference.
  • Assistance in determining the optimal location of the diffuser and arrangement of the room space.
  • Selection for devices operating in the function of both supply and exhaust.
  • Possibility to download a selection card in a PDF file.
  • All product data available for viewing in one place.