18 reasons why a pressure differential system is a must have in your investment

18 powodów, dla których system różnicowania ciśnień to must have do inwestycji

The Safety Way pressure differential system is a guarantee of safe evacuation in the event of a fire. Why is it worth installing it in your investment? An innovative fire protection solution, user comfort, a sense of certainty and security… There are plenty of reasons, we list the most important ones.

Safe evacuation with differential pressure system

Imagine that in the midst of daily duties you suddenly hear a fire alarm going off. At first, the danger doesn’t even feel real, but you quickly see your colleagues running down the corridors… Yes – it’s not a drill. The building really is on fire.

So you are going to the stairwell since the elevators have been blocked. The crowd of people is flowing in the same direction, but the visibility in the corridor is deteriorating. As you’re running, you start to lose your breath, and the smoke doesn’t help in your escape. Are you going to survive? Will everyone manage to get out of the burning building?

And what if the system fails? The corridor and the stairwell will soon be filled with smoke to the extent you can’t breathe and visibility is greatly impaired. What if the system is poorly designed and the fire escape door won’t open?

Dear investor, designer, engineer – you don’t want to end up like this. That’s why it is so important we cooperate to create safe skyscrapers from which we can always escape.

Why most high-rise buildings should be protected with a patented pressure differential system: the Safety Way

Smoke control systems generate a pressure difference between the escape route and the area of the fire. As a result, the protected area remains smoke-free. That is what can save the life of a person escaping from the fire (your own life or one of the building’s occupants).

Individual approach to a specific object

The proper planning of such infrastructure requires accurate identification and analysis of the components that affect the pressure distribution within the protected areas and the flow of air mixed with smoke in the facility. As the pioneers of pressure differential systems, we closely examine your building to tailor our solutions to both regulations and people!

What affects the effectiveness of a differential pressure system?

The greatest challenge is posed by phenomena such as the stack effect, convection and expansion, flow resistances, and the effect of wind on the building’s structure. All of these factors directly impact the pressure in the stairwell, which in turn influences the effectiveness of the pressure differential system, particularly in multi-story buildings.

So how does the Safety Way pressure differential system actually work?

The iSWAY-FC® controls pressure differential in smoke and heat extraction systems. Using this cutting-edge technology, we guarantee optimal performance and rapid response in critical situations.

Our system uses an advanced predictive algorithm that extremely quickly adjusts the amount of supplied air. There is no risk of oscillation, even if this amount changes very suddenly. Our system is under constant monitoring, and in addition, each iSWAY device does a self-test every 24 hours to further verify its operational readiness.

Pressure differentiation system in high-rise buildings

Safety Way adapts dynamically to the changing situation in your facility. Smart communication among the system components guarantees real-time optimization. To meet the highest standards, the P-MAC(F) sensor constantly measures the static pressure difference between the protected area and the reference point, which ensures the top level of security. Thanks to its ability to counteract the stack effect, the Safety Way is also perfect for high-rise buildings. Therefore, we are able to ensure the highest level of protection during evacuation in case of fire – regardless of the actual height of the building and weather conditions.

Benefits of the pressure differential system

What are the benefits of the SafetyWay pressure differential system from SMAY? Much depends on your specific needs. Other aspects of the system’s operation will be taken into account by the designer of sanitary installations or a fire safety expert, and something else will be paid attention to by the investor or installer. Both the specificity of the system operation, as well as assembly or operation are the reasons why it is worth implementing the Safety Way in the facility.

Designer and fire-prevention specialist

You are an expert designer of fire protection systems. You’re constantly looking for innovative solutions, sources of additional expert knowledge, and project support. You use top-notch technologies and include data provided by suppliers and manufacturers in your designs.

With Safety Way you get:

  • a cutting edge solution that gives you confidence
  • comprehensive and easily accessible documentation
  • innovative and future-oriented technologies created for top reliability, flexibility, and complete support at every stage of the designing process
  • lower design costs

Installer and plant engineer

Your profession involves the commissioning and installation of pressure differential systems. To be able to do your job, you need the right products at the right time and in the right place. Trouble-free installation and professional support allow you to meet your strict deadlines.

With Safety Way you can have:

  • faster delivery times
  • quick and easy installation
  • full support at commissioning plus quick and easy start-up
  • strong support throughout the whole life of the product
  • comprehensive solutions from a single supplier
  • extensive and easily accessible documentation

Building owner

Your job is to maintain and service the safety mechanisms in the building, such as pressure differential systems, at all times. Your goal is to achieve maximum building security whilst keeping the lowest possible operating and general costs.

For you, Safety Way means:

  • lower operating and maintenance costs
  • high reliability and investment protection
  • cutting-edge solutions
  • easier routine operation controls
  • innovative and future-oriented technology
  • maximum safety of people and property in case of fire – the self-test feature gives a sense of security both in the standby mode and after an actual fire

Facility manager and building maintenance staff

Your daily duties include the administration, adjustment and operation of buildings and all their safety-related technical systems. You’re looking for solutions that ensure fire safety and improve plant operation without posing any risks to safety. You appreciate simple and clear systems and, if required, fast spare part delivery and 24/7 support.

With Safety Way you get:

  • lower operation and maintenance costs
  • easier routine operation controls
  • high durability and operation efficiency
  • cutting-edge solutions
  • remote control for diagnostic purposes
  • maximum safety of people and property in case of fire
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