A few words about the selection program for diffusers

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Joanna Halibart

Deputy Head of the CFD Research

and Analysis Department

People have less and less time to carry out their tasks, both in their private life and their professional life. Developers are building faster than ever, and designers have less and less time to create a project. To perform the same work, but maintain quality, it’s essential to have properly-prepared work materials. In our industry, these are not only product data sheets for use on the project or in the building, but also selection programs.

At SMAY we know how the situation on the market is changing. That is why we strive to ensure that the materials we provide to customers make it possible, easily and quickly, to find answers to any questions about products included in the SMAY product range.
To make the work of designers, installers and distributors of ventilation accessories easier, amongst other things, we have created a selection program for diffusers which we are still developing. Currently, the program facilitates selection from the SMAY product line of swirl diffusers NS4, NS5, NS8, NS9, NWM and the NSAL slot diffuser

diffuser selection program







Fig. 1. Diffusers included in the SMAY selection program

The program for the selection of diffusers can be downloaded on the SMAY website. Access does not require registration or login. At different stages of the investment, stakeholders need information about various parameters of the diffusers. For this reason, the program has two versions: basic and advanced.

Fig. 2. Data entry panel in the basic version of the diffuser selection program

The basic version of the program allows selection without providing detailed data. It can be used when the geometry of the room is not known, or by providing basic information about the dimensions of the room. The advanced version requires the introduction of a larger amount of information, whereby the selection process allows you to consider the merits of many diffusers at one time.
In the SMAY diffuser selection program, you can specify the operating parameters of the device in terms of aeroacoustic parameters (resistance and acoustics), as well as indicate the range of the supply air stream; a visualisation of the air flow inside the room is available. Range determination is carried out both when there is a temperature difference between the supply air and the air in the room, as well as when there is no such difference.

Fig. 3. Visualisation of the air stream range from the SMAY selection program.

The visualisation of the range of the stream in the program is set up to the limit speed. The program user can set it as they choose, within the range 0.10 m/s to 0.5 m/s.

Fig. 4. Presentation of the importance of the limit speed vlim in the SMAY selection program

In the case of NS4, NS5, NS8, NS9 and NWM swirl diffusers, using the program it is possible to set parameters for devices operating in the function of both supply and exhaust. In addition, in the case of a slot diffuser, it is possible to specify the NSAL operating parameters for various settings of the device blades. It‘s worth emphasizing that it’s possible to select different numbers of slots and different directions that they work in. Thanks to this, you can choose the best layout and adapt it to your needs.
Below, a variety of possible NSAL blade settings are presented, for which the SMAY diffuser selection program allows you to determine operating parameters.

Fig. 5. Variants of blade settings in the SMAY selection program for the NSAL slot diffuser

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