Air flow in a desired direction – an important role of diffusers

The ability to supply air in the direction and place desired is an important asset of SMAY air flow diffusers. The NS8 and NS9 model diffusers are an excellent solution for office spaces, hotels, various types of public buildings and other facilities. SMAY swirl diffusers enable the correct mixing of air in a room, and at the same time maintain appropriate speeds in an area occupied by people. They work well in both heating and cooling mode.

NS8 and NS9 have repositionable blades, and it is precisely by adjusting the setting of particular blades that it is possible to direct the air flow and adapt it to the present requirements.
By appropriately setting the blades you can have vertical, horizontal, one- or two-way air movement. It’s a great convenience, giving you a lot of flexibility in choosing where air should flow. And this allows you to solve many problems as early as the initial stages of the installation process.

Below you can find examples of setting variants for blades in swirl diffusers and the related air flow in the room.

Smay diffuser

Air flow settings

Slotted diffusers are very often used in office spaces. Most often they are mounted near windows. The NSAL slotted diffuser available in the SMAY range is equipped with movable blades, which are divided into individually-adjustable sections. With the diffuser constructed in this way, there are endless possibilities for setting the air flow in the building, depending on what’s required.

Diffuser Selection program

On the SMAY website there is a selection program available

( With this, it is possible to determine the range of the diffuser for many settings of the diffuser blades:

Below you can see possible ways of directing the air stream flowing out of the NSAL slotted diffuser. The operating parameters of the diffuser for particular variations of blade arrangement can be determined using the SMAY diffuser selection program:

The program for selecting SMAY diffusers can be used in a simple and intuitive way to pick the slot diffuser (NSAL) or swirl diffuser optimal for a given project. The program includes SMAY products from the NS4, NS5, NS8, NS9, NWM and NSAL lines

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