BREEAM certification and green benefits from SMAY

fire ventilation

V-Offices, the greenest building in Central and Eastern Europe. We have also placed another brick on its masonry – from the concept to implementation.

V-Offices building is being constructed in Krakow. This project achieved a BREEAM Outstanding rating at design stage with a score of 90.57 %, to date the highest BREEAM certified score in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Completion date is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

Vertical escape routes of V-Offices building will be protected with pressurization system type SAFETY WAY® delivered by SMAY. Our system designed for this building holds EcoCard, which confirms that iSWAY® pressurization units can contribute to meet BREEAM certification requirements in the scope of MAT1 – “Environmental Impact of Materials” and to get extra points in category ENE 09 – “Drying space” and HEA 02 – “Indoor air quality”. In addition, our product can contribute to improve building rating in the LEED certification process carried out to establish the minimum level of energy efficiency for the proposed building and systems to reduce environmental and economic impacts associated with excessive energy use.
in the LEED certification process: in the categories EAp2 IEQ
– “Indoor Environmental Quality”.

From the initial stage of the design process SMAY supported design team to select reliable system that would guarantee escape routes will remain smoke free in case of a fire. Design assumption were made as for pressurization system Class A, based on EN 12101-6 :
1. Door open at the fire storey only,
2. Air velocity of 0.75 m/s through open door at the fire storey (airflow criterion),
3. Pressure difference of 50 Pa between protected space and reference with all doors closed (pressure criterion).

Our technical support included design concept, detailed schematic diagrams of the pressurization systems with design calculations, schematics of control and power supply system and specification of key components. We have also provided comprehensive support for the installer including guidelines on where and how to install our devices, connect electrical cables and integrate our system with the BMS. Finally our on-site engineering team run and calibrated pressurization system and took all necessary measurements.

Our products were also designed and installed in the ducted smoke exhaust system i.e. smoke duct sections classified in accordance with EN 13501 Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Classification using data from fire resistance tests on components of smoke control systems standard as class E600120 (ho) S1500single. Our engineering team supported installer with all necessary data including verification of orders and scheduling deliveries. We are really glad to have a chance to take part in this wonderful project. Thank you again for cooperation.

Basic features of the iFlow system:

• Measures and adjusts such parameters as temperature and CO2 emissions;
• Measures air quality parameters: VOC and humidity;
• Detects motion;
• Allows you to configure a room occupancy schedule individually for every room;
• Monitors room parameters and correct operation of VAV regulators;
• Controls the central unit and optimises ventilation system energy consumption;
• Equipped with a built-in web server that controls the system.

Benefits of the iFlow system:

• Reduces ventilation system operating costs;
• Controls VAV regulators and room parameters;
• Changes system parameters independently from a web server;
• Gets a dedicated solution with proven control algorithms.

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