SDS smoke exhaust systems. A complete smoke extraction system for one fire zone


When we use a cable system, i.e. SDS smoke exhaust systems?

The Smay Duct Systems (SDS for short) are used in mechanical smoke ventilation installations. They prove to be useful in various spaces within residential and office buildings, e.g. underground garages, escape routes, staircases, hallways, large-scale commercial buildings, shopping arcades and atria in shopping malls.

What does an SDS include?  What is SDS?

The system is based on ductwork components, i.e. steel ducts and 1 mm thick galvanized steel sheet fittings. The maximum dimensions of rectangular ductwork components are 2,500 × 1,500 × 1,500 mm while circular ducts are 630÷1,250 mm in diameter.

In a basic SDS configuration hot fumes and gases are extracted by the SDS-STW exhaust grilles with vanes (clearance of approx. 75%) or the SDS-STS1 mesh grilles (clearance of approx. 55%). These models are available in sizes ranging from 100 × 100 mm to 2,500 × 1,250 mm.

SDS smoke exhaust systems can be adjusted with multi-blade control dampers. They are installed at tee outlets together with extraction grilles. Our offer includes SDS-GS dampers with horizontal parallel lamellas and SDS-GP dampers with vertical backward lamellas. These models are available in the same sizes as grilles.

The SDS-PWO multi-blade control dampers fitted with backward lamellas and installed directly in ducts may be used as alternative control components. These models are available in sizes ranging from 200 × 200 mm to 2,500 × 1,500 mm.

The lengthening of ducts is compensated by 170 mm long SDS-KE rectangular textile compensators and 200 mm long circular SDS-KA compensators, as well as steel SDS-DC compensation ducts with a standard length of 500 mm.

Rectangular SDS-TAP and circular, core-type TL-CN or coreless-type TL-C silencers provide acoustic protection. The rectangular and circular components have the same sizes as the ductwork components. Inspection hatches are provided for convenience. They allow the installation to be cleaned from the inside.

Clamps, gaskets and a certified duct fixing system ensure quick installation of all components at the site. SDS smoke exhaust systems are a universal solution that offers many possibilities of expansion and modification for individual solutions.

How to choose a suitable system?

SMAY may help you create a complementary project including SDS components, dampers, fans and fire automation solutions.

An example of an SDS in a single-storey garage (3,8 m in height):

  • Ductwork components: SDS-K 1,000 m2 ducts + 1,500 m2 fittings
  • Extraction components: SDS-STW-1225 × 625 – 50 pieces
  • Regulation components: SDS-GS-1,225 × 625 – 50 pieces + SDS-PWO – 8 pieces
  • Compensation components: SDS-KE – 6 pieces + SDS-DC – 200 m2.
  • Dampening components: SDS-TAP – 4 pieces + TL-CN-1250 – 4 pieces
  • Inspection components: SDS-DR – 20 pieces
  • Installation components: SDS-UC – 3,000 running meters + SDS-MKZ – 6,000 pieces
  • Dampers: KWP-P – 12 pieces
  • Fans: SOKÓŁ SEFL-1250 – 2 pieces, SFL-1000 – 2 pieces
  • Automation: ZUP – 1 piece

Note: The SDS product set designed for large-size, single compartment smoke exhaust ducts has been awarded the National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2019/0865, ed. 1.

What is SDS:

SDS type single compartment smoke exhaust ducts are a set of products for the installation of steel rectangular duct smoke exhaust systems used for smoke exhaust and heat dissipation in smoke and heat propagation control systems within a single fire zone. They can be applied in dual-purpose systems (working as a general ventilation and smoke exhaust system at the same time), provided that they exhaust smoke only from the zone in which they are installed. They can make up an independent system or be connected to a multi-compartment system.


Single compartment smoke exhaust ducts SDS

SDS smoke exhaust ductwork elements may be coated, e.g. by the Manufacturer, with polyester powder paints in accordance with applicable processes.

SDS steel single compartment smoke exhaust ducts are classified according to the PN-EN 13501-4+A1:2010 standard as E600120(h0)S1500single fire resistance class, and as non-flammable, and fire retardant. SDS-KE and SDS-KEP compensators are classified as B-s1,d0 fire reaction class according to the PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010 standard. Steel sheet elements coated according to applicable requirements are classified as A2-s2,d0 fire reaction class.

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