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Single compartment smoke exhaust ducts SDS

Single compartment smoke exhaust ducts SDS

SDS type single compartment smoke exhaust ducts are a set of products for the installation of steel rectangular duct smoke exhaust systems used for smoke exhaust and heat dissipation in smoke and heat propagation control systems within a single fire zone. They can be applied in dual-purpose systems (working as a general ventilation and smoke exhaust system at the same time), provided that they exhaust smoke only from the zone in which they are installed. They can make up an independent system or be connected to a multi-compartment system.

In order to save energy or lower noise emission, an SDS type system can be insulated if used for general ventilation. Insulation can only be placed on the external surfaces of ducts, in a way that prevents spread of fire. The insulation method should be determined in the technical design made for a given building.

SDS smoke exhaust ductwork elements may be coated, e.g. by the Manufacturer, with polyester powder paints in accordance with applicable processes.

SDS steel single compartment smoke exhaust ducts are classified according to the PN-EN 13501-4+A1:2010 standard as E600120(h0)S1500single fire resistance class, and as non-flammable, and fire retardant. SDS-KE and SDS-KEP compensators are classified as B-s1,d0 fire reaction class according to the PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010 standard. Steel sheet elements coated according to applicable requirements are classified as A2-s2,d0 fire reaction class.

SDS ducts can only be installed horizontally. The ducts can exhaust gasses at temperatures lower than 600°C. The permissible range of working pressure is from –1500 Pa negative pressure to +500 Pa positive pressure. All or some of the products below can be used to configure an system:

1. SDS-XXX galvanized steel sheet ductwork elements
2. SDS-DC thermal expansion compensative ducts
3. SDS-KE or SDS-KEP thermal expansions compensators
4. SDS-PWO jalousie control dampers
5. SDS-TAP duct silencers
6. SDS-DR inspection covers
7. Grilles for SDS-STW, SDS-STS1 Intake and Exhaust Openings
8. SDS-GS control dampers for intake and exhaust grilles.


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Declaration of performance SDS 3 MB 19.12.2018 Open Download
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