See how we carried out the smoke tests in a hotel. The ZODIC system in action

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We ensure our hotel guests’ safety in case of fire

Bulwarowa 35a, 31-751 Kraków

About the project

The Ibis Santorini hotel is located near the picturesque Zalew Nowohucki Reservoir. The surrounding area is perfect for hiking and spending quality time outdoors. Inside the building there are two staircases, located at five separate floors. They include 63 rooms. Its convenient location makes it possible to quickly reach the Kraków city centre. It’s great for the visitors.

SMAY secured the staircases in the hotel against fire, showing that the ZODIC system is suitable both for low and tall buildings.

The smoke tests or how to check the effectiveness of protective devices of staircase smoke extraction systems

The hot smoke tests are used for verifying the effectiveness and proper operation of staircase smoke extraction systems.
Smoke generators are used during smoke tests in order to produce colourless, non-smudging and non-toxic smoke. It makes the tests safe both for people inside the building and the facility itself.

During the test the staircase is being filled with smoke for 300 seconds. Once the system is manually activated, the time of smoke extraction is measured. At the top floor of the staircase the light transmittance measurement is taken by means of an optical sensor (which makes it possible to evaluate air clarity). When the transmittance reaches over 95%, the staircase may be considered purified from smoke.

The time of staircase smoke extraction refers to the distance between the smoke source and the transmittance sensor at the top floor. If the average time of staircase smoke extraction by the smoke extraction system supported by mechanical air supply is shorter than 18 s/1 m, the system may be considered functional.

How to secure staircases in low buildings

In case of the Ibis Santorini hotel, SMAY suggested the ZODIC-M staircase smoke extraction system supported by mechanical air supply. In both staircases smoke extraction will be carried out by means of a smoke damper installed in the ceiling, and the mechanical compensation air supply at the lowest floor will be carried out by means of the ZNZ wall-mounted fan with a variable output rate.

ZODIC systems — higher building protection standards

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The ZODIC systems are complete units for staircase smoke and heat extraction. They ensure a suitable level of human safety and appropriate conditions for evacuation, fire suppression and rescue activities.


Proposed ZODIC-M staircase protection system

The ZODIC system was created specifically for staircases in low, medium, and tall buildings. Apart from the standard applications, it may be used in elevator shafts, where national regulations require or allow the use of smoke extraction systems. SMAY experts assumed that the supply airflow velocity in a staircase should not exceed 8 m/s (recommended effective airflow velocity through an air supply grille < 5 m/s). The air supply grille in the staircase should be placed in such a position that the air is supplied to the upward flight of stairs. The ZODIC-M system includes an air supply system that adapts to varying conditions (variable air volume fans). The complete solution ensures lower susceptibility to external factors, e.g. wind. The ZODIC-M system automatically controls the included devices and can control other elements of the installation.

ZODIC-M – a smoke ventilation system supported by mechanical air supply:

• Smoke extraction by means of forced mechanical flow of air through the staircase.
• SCD-1-L smoke damper or CDH-F-L wall exhaust louvre as a smoke-extracting component.
• Air compensation by means of mechanical air supply to the staircase at its bottom part (AFC fans or ZNZ air supply units with a variable exhaust flow rate).
• Limited impact of natural events on the air and smoke flow (due to the use of mechanical supply).

Additional safety devices

Apart from protecting staircases by means of the ZODIC-M system, the SMAY expert team has provided the facility with:
• SCD-1-L smoke damper with metering panels,
• ZNZ air supply unit, wall mounted,
• MZS power supply and control module,
• CDZ smoke detectors.

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