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Photoreport of the Opening Gala of the SMAY office building and factory in Podłęże

In the history of every company, there are important stages and milestones. These include dynamic growth and change. At SMAY, it was time for an image makeover and a new headquarters in a new location. On Friday evening, 27 May, SMAY welcomed guests to the Opening Gala of the office building and factory in Podlęż. It is a great joy and pride to host such a celebration.

The official ceremony began at 6 p.m. Guests were welcomed into the hall of the new building. The spirit of innovation and modernity could be felt right from the threshold. This was evident not only in the May-flower-decorated entrance and the contemporary interior, but also in the SMAY ventilation units visible at the top. They too are a design element and a kind of decoration.

What is SMAY like today?

What are its plans for growth? Speakers, including the company’s Board of Directors, owners and founders, shared with attendees the vision for business development that SMAY puts all its heart into.

The audience also learned about new opportunities for the future. They also saw a new-image video showing all the rebranding changes the company has undergone this year, and a video showcasing SMAY machines.

The ribbon cutting – the highlight of the gala – was a wonderful moment. In the presence of our customers, partners and business representatives, it was SMAY employees who jointly stretched the ribbon and performed the cutting.

The banquet started at 8.30 pm and lasted until late in the evening. A networking zone, a wide selection of regional dishes from the Malopolska region and a cocktail zone offering a variety of flavours were available throughout. An artistic performance and souvenir photos, a light show and a good time all contributed to a good mood and a fantastic atmosphere.

It was a beautiful moment

It was a great evening for everyone, both for the guests and for the hosts. Let’s relive it. We invite you to the photo gallery.