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Smoke Angels

ventilation system

Smoke Angels is a new service from SMAY,
and at the same time a response to problems
with an incorrectly operating smoke ventilation system or day to day ventilation system.

The idea of introducing diagnostic and consultancy services to the offer as well as carrying out measurement tests in facilities commissioned for use, as well as verification of the effectiveness of the installation is a response to frequent problems with which clients turn to us.
The Smoke Angels service can be offered thanks to the fact that both project designers with many years of experience work in Smay as well as scientific and technical staff from many universities in Poland; we also have a research and development department that is still developing.
Our employees are equipped with the most modern tools for testing installations in facilities.
The team of experts from Smoke Angels, first of all, aims to diagnose the problem, and secondly to propose solutions that can effectively eliminate it.

The idea of introducing the service to the offer of SMAY is care for comfort and safety not only during the receipts, but also during long-term operation of the systems during their operation.