Fire damper for comfort ventilation KWP-O

Fire damper for comfort ventilation KWP-O

KWP-O-E(S) type fire dampers are intended to installation in ventilation systems as cut-off baffles, separating the fire zone from the remaining part of the building. Therefore, the basic function of the KWP type fire dampers is to restrain the spreading of fire, temperature and smoke, and additionally, with use of appropriate actuators, to use in mixed ventilation systems (used not only in case of fire but for example: for periodic airing). These fire dampers are nonsymmetrical, intended for vertical (in walls) and horizontal installation (in ceilings).

Fire damper is constructed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the standards: PN-EN 15650 “Ventilation for buildings – Fire dampers” and PN-EN 13501-3 “Fire classification of construction products and building elements- Part 3: Classification using data from fire resistance tests on products and elements used in building service installations: fire resisting ducts and fire dampers”.

Sensitivity of the fire dampers is confirmed by tests in accordance with the standard PN-EN 1366-2 “Fire resistance tests for service installations- Part 1: Fire dampers”.
Fire damper is composed of two bodies made of galvanized steel, which are separated with insulating dividers made of 40 [mm] thick, fire-resistant material. Inside the fire damper there is a flap, which movement in closed position is limited with stop bar. The axles of the flap cooperate with slide bearings built in the insulating dividers. The closing of the flap is realized by the system of the flexible connectors.

Fire dampers are also manufactured in the special version intended to use in the especially chemically aggressive environments. These fire dampers are used in chemical industry, food industry, laboratories etc. In this case all steel components are made of acid-resistant steel 1.4301. The bearings remain brazen and flap is coated with impregnant  (non-solvent substance on the basis of silicates).

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